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plastic cards

Years of experience in the domain of making security cards to top up customers’ accounts, has enabled us to produce cards of the highest quality. Thanks to this fact, we can provide a variety of cards for numerous purposes with many security elements. Specific printing techniques combined with exotic materials are an ideal basis for the diversity of your cards at the market.

loyalty cards //
membership // gift // id cards // prepaid cards // hotel key cards // accreditation cards // facebook or or special event cards

Depending on the primary purpose, plastic or paper cards can achieve a high level of functionality through communication elements, and in a modern and interesting way, convey your message to end users. 

It is quite right that packaging as the form of media for message transmissions deserves special attention in the choice of overall material and we are providing this to you with great pleasure. The last stage to maximize benefits of using card systems is the process of digitalization (the input of user data into electronic databases) if the nature of business requires it.

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ISO scratch cards
Within its special production line – security printing, Quadra focuses on the production of scratch cards, i. e. mobile telephony top up cards. Millions of produced cards for the domestic market, but primarily for foreign markets, prove their high quality, convenient prices and quick delivery
Multi PIN scratch cards
Besides classical ISO standard cards Quadra also produces multi-PIN cards or cards containing more than one PIN, whose popularity has been growing among the operators. Multi PIN cards represent a new product development focusing on markets with a high demand of cards with small denominations
Plastic cards
The original founder’s inclination towards offset printing have been kept in Quadra up to now, regardless of achieved success in the field of security printing. Presently, Quadra possesses a top quality printing with its own graphic prepress, printing and finishing
Starter packages
Today, Quadra has been following the world trend in the production of starter packages of top quality, protection and packing methods. Quadra produces starter packages relying entirely on its own production and control process
Lottery programme
Printing lottery products requires compliance with strict technological and security regulations, and Quadra fully complies with such regulations. We manufacture all types of scratch instant lottery cards, bingo and express lottery tickets